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show for you tonight. our guest diane ravitch here to talk bed case and he education reform. ladies and gentlemen, there are many consequence to its growing cascade of revelations about our nation's spying activities. most recently the bugging of german chancellor angela merkel's cell phone and lederhossen drawers. (laughter) united states pretended to be her onlean boy friend for two years. two years-- ! but perhaps i never realized how acute and dire the fallout of this may be until i saw this shocking story. >> russian leaders are denying reports of spying on overseas leaders. they are accused of passing out bugged gift bags at last month's g-20 summit. >> jon: bugged gift bags! before all these revelations we could have jumped all over this story with good old-fashioned american con desession and smug superiority, thrown out a little boris and natasha reference. done a little yaukoff smirnoff, in russia gift bag rummage through you, but now-- (laughter) i can only smear at how ham handed their spying is. >> delegates were given usb pem ree sticks and phone chargers equipped with
of education at nyu also an author, her latest book sell called reign of error the hopes of the privatization and danger of america's public school, please welcome back to the program, diane ravitch. >> hello. >> thank you. >> how are you? >> great, thank you. wonderful. >> nice to see you again. >> wonderful, was laughing my head off at the earlier segment, loved it. >> really quite amusing, we are. we work on that for at least an hour and a half a day. >> reign of error the hopes of the privatization movement and danger to america's public school. for me the most surprising thing in the book is you spend a great deal of time, one of the assumptions that we make in this country is that the public education system is broken. you make the case here that it's not correct. >> actually, no, it's not true at all. what i did was to look at all the data and i found out that the test scores today are the highest ever in history. graduation rates highest ever in history. dropout rates lowest ever in history and i came to the conclusion that kids today are, in fact, the smartest generation yet. >> jon:
to education, health care, economic empowerment than just about anywhere except the nordic country in europe. on the other hand, we have so many fewer women in congress, in parliament than other countries and we've certainly never had a female country leader and something like 60 countries to this date have, most of them democratically elected at this point. does your generation kid itself in terms of where america really is, in terms of women's rights. >> still think we lead the world? >> i think that many probably are uneducated on that issue, probably do think that. however, at the same time i know so many young women are very concerned about getting more women in congress, first woman president. everyone knows we haven't had the first woman president yet and other countries have. margaret thatcher they know. this is something that -- that's an issue that young women in my generation are very concerned about. when it comes down to food, water, places to live, things like that i really just say that they have no idea what it's like in some of these other countries is all. >> i would argue
, your education. >> right. so i relearned the world through being tactile and auditory, and so it's very interesting because in my last company i built some algorithms around the modalities in which people learn best because i had to relearn the modalities in which i learn best. >> i'm sorry. you're a mathematician at heart, and a blind mathematician. you still did math in your head. that must have been -- i assume you used to do it on a chalkboard -- i don't know how mathematicians work. believe me. >> she created cognitive maps of of the world in her mind when she was blind. i'm curious your techniques in doing that. >> how do you do that? >> and can you teach it? >> mathematics is a natural language for people, and we forget that, and we have so many -- we create the obstacles sometimes because we have a problem synthesizes information auditor auditorally or in other modalities, but math is the natural language of your brain, and so losing my sight, i spent a lot of time creating visual maps of the mathematics which mathematics is essentially patterns. so really trying to understand t
, but coming up the pga is coming to the bay area. and, two big events to raise money for education. that's all coming up in just a few minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, world. cbs reporter louisa hodge s us the rare fossil, accideny unearthed by a c >>> it's the buzz of the dinosaur world. >> cbs reporter luissa hodge shows us the rare fossil accidentally unearthed by a california timer. >> this fossil of dinosaur nicknamed joe is the most complete skeleton ever found for a plant eating dinosaur. it's also the youngest and smallest of its kinds. but for these elementary students, it left big impression. >> it he -- he told us we were going to be the first to see it. >> what did you think? >> that's awesome. >> a high school student found fossil on an excavation dig in southern utah. >> he spotted a piece of bone, called me over. i ignored it. i thought it was a fragment. but then we later learned it was the tip of a nearly complete dinosaur skeleton. >> it took 1300 hours of work to remove rock from the bone. that's after the channeling process of dig up the skeleton. >> we couldn't just carry it
,000 dollars a year they don't pay any tuition. >>> california could lose billions to education after dumping its old state tests, but officials say they are surprised by the letter from the u.s. didn't of education threatening to with hold 3.5 billion dollars, the state says it was working with the government to work out differences in how state tests are handled this year as california transitions into a new testing program. >> the boston red sox are the world series champions and their fans partied into the night. fans poured out of fenway park and near by bars to celebrate, we have video of unfortunately there we go that fans tipped over, 9 people arrested, probably not bad considering the number of people out there, that was according to a tweet from police with the hash tags go home and celebrate responsibly. >> it hasn't happened at fenway park for 95 years. the red sox are world champions. >> that's right, 95 years, boston had not won it at all home since 1918, this is their third championship since 2004 though, they defelted the cardinals 6-1 in game 6 last night if you missed it dav
a good environment especially for a young children that they get good education, and in afghanistan it's impossible for the kids, especially for the one who is working with the american for their kids it's impossible to goe go to the schools or kindergarten to get education. but for here there is no more fear of taliban to get my children or harm my children. i you can sen can send them to s or kindergarten for a good education. >> i saw somewhere you said that in afghanistan they would learn to hold guns. here they will learn to hold a pencil and paper. >> yeah. janis when he got off the plane last night i asked him, what does this mean to you? my kids instead of having to learn how to predict and defend -- protect and defend themselves, when they go to school they will be taught to hold a pen and pencil and piece of paper. >> janis welcom well to welcomed states. >> straight ahead the surprising pick for the most powerful person in the world. and mariel hemingway talks about the issues that her family has been fighting for a senlts efort --century. today's date day r at that dooif am
connecting young men of color to jobs, education, employment. >> i talked about that, i dwid, very controversial no-talking points, where we talked about what people can do to empower themselves. and in that same broadcast, we mexed the mayor's initiative to help, especially minority young men, at least feel better about themselves. as if, you know, they own their own being and they own their own neighborhoods. that they're worth something. and this is something that new york city is doing that the rest of the country is doing. and they are. >> i believe you can can do more to stop bullets with education and employment than you can ever do with sfop and frisk. >> in short term, when you have an immediate problem, you need an immediate addressment. and ill do agree with you. i think what we have to do is try to change the environment in which our minorities live. that's a systemic issue. i don't think the fix to this problem is anyone dynamic. >> i just need one minute, producers, i know we have to go. but let's talk about people. we often talk about people voting against their own
to build their system and educate the public. but there have still been problems. on the first day the site was so slow, the state took it offline to make adjustments to speed it up. there are still some technical glitches. every day are you finding new things on the site that need to be tweaked? >> yes, we're finding things all the time that need to be tweaked. >> reporter: on wednesday, washington state had to take its site down because the federal government system that verifies identities and income was not working. people had to fill out forms by hand. if the federal site was working just fine, would your site be up and running perfectly. >> our site would be up and running, yes. >> reporter: how well? >> we think pretty well. we're able to get enrollments through. we have places where people might get stuck. >> reporter: now, there are more than one million people here in washington state that are uninsured and the goal is to enroll 320,000 by january 1. but scott, so far, one concern is more than 80% of the people enrolling are enrolling in medicaid, meaning they're not paying into t
to innovation, to education, and includetionthv i. for all san francisco residents, but it's also as i mentioned before a significant step towards bridging our digital divide in our city. it provides local groups and community residents access to the internet they might not have had before, as well for our rec and park department as phil knows all too well many rec centers still use dial up service. when we think about registering our children for camps and play grounds, what we need to do in our daily lives, but also our government on a daily basis to use technology, this will be an incredible boone to our rec and park department and something we should all be very excited about. in terms of the details of the gift, google is providing a $600,000 financial gift to our city with no strings attached. i think a lot of the prior debate around free wi-fi in san francisco that never moved forward was because of different questions about business models or so forth, to emphasize this is a free gift of financial benefit to the city of san francisco with no strings attached. the money will come through
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dew point me to talk. i can go back to the south of france. >> i want you to educate what report suggests that george w. bush tapped the phones of world leaders? >> when did this start? >> four or five years ago. >> 2002. >> 2002. >> the tapping of foreign leaders. >> yes. so you have to apply the same questions to president bush, first of all, whether they do or do not know. i think barnacle brought up the biggest point and that is the nsa overreaching in its power, is this something people want done but they don't want to hear about it. you got to look at that part of it too because we can apply this to a couple of different issues that we complained about or argued about on our set about the conduct of the bush administration. but i would say that most importantly, the important disconnect that i think is happening in this story is that people are thinking that like someone is sitting there listening to her conversations. the phone calls are being monitored. that's different than tapping the phone. >> this is gene. i did write about it this morning. >> i was reading that. >> t
a month. i got education benefits. i work at walmart. i'm a pharmacist. sales associate. i manage produce. i work in logistics. there's more to walmart than you think. vo: opportunity. that's the real walmart. help the gulf when we made recover and learn the gulf, bp from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, where experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] with five perfectly sweetened whole grains... you can't help but see the good. >>> for the must read op-ed. in the "wall street journal," progressive government fails. let us try to understand clearly what's happening now with the obama presidency. on display to everyone watching this week is not merely the failure of a federal website or a software program or miss sebelius's manage
want these girls to be able to finish their school careers without having to due topt their education unexpected baby. upper 100 people in world, thousands of girls have for the over 100 people enrolled, thousands of girls across south africa to not have the opportunity. many pregnant teens just need a helping hand to stay in school.
a show that's educational and informational. the cbs dream team& it's epic. narrator: today on lucky dog... brandon: hey, little guy. narrator: ...brandon rescues luke, a gentle stray who's lived life on the run. brandon: is that where you hide to stay safe from the world? narrator: but to prepare this street dog for a domesticated life won't be easy. brandon: it's okay, stay, no, no. getting a skittish dog like luke to get used to kids is going to be incredibly challenging. i'm brandon mcmillan, and i've dedicated my life to saving the lonely, unwanted dogs that are living without hope. my mission is to make sure these amazing animals find a purpose, a family, and a place to call home. today, one dog will be saved, and one family
know lots of people in memphis who with well educated and they cannot get a job. there are real problems in the economy in this country and the people that are on food stamps need that to get along, about half the people as you mentioned have jobs. i think half the people have children. what are the children supposed to get a job? are we going to have kids work again? get rid of the child labor laws and put them to work? i think you want to start cutting away at areas, you cut the defense spending. we have enough missiles to destroy the world so many times, and yet we couldn't cut money for missile and nuclear programs. that's where we ought to be cutting. beat your swords into plow sheers to feed the people. >> all right. congressman we really appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> we're going to continue discussing this topic with the senior manager of share our strength, the hunger advocacy group, and the founder of the website future of capitolism. thank you both for being with us. let's talk about the growth of the program ira, i want to start with you. the food stamp budge
-h-p officers and safety experts will be out educating parents and children. as well as handing out reflective materials to wear tonight so drivers can see them better. adults and children are being told not to be glued to their smartphones while they're out and to use crosswalks. drivers should also slow down especially during peak trick or treating hours between 5-30 and 9-30 p-m. police have released more information about the shootng death of 13-year old andy lopez santa rosa police say a witness who was in the area heard sheriff deputy erick gelhaus order lopez twice to drop what he believed was an ak-47 rifle twice. and gelhaus himself said he knows he yelled at least once to lopez to drop the rifle. but gelhaus said he is unsure whether he identified himself as a sheriff's deputy. police also say lopez was wearing a hooded sweatshirt but his hood was down. lopez was also not wearing andy headphones or earbuds. also, police say a second deputy was with gelhaus in the car, but by the time the second deputy got out of the car, the subject was engaged and the threat was the teenager charged
is brought to you by mcdonald's thanking baltimore educators with free premium roast coffee every tuesday. thank you from baltimore mcdonald's family. don, back to you. >> thank you. >>> penn state is paying millions to those abused by jerry sandusky. mike schuh is live with details. >> reporter: good morning, don. good morning, everyone. the number of known victims in the penn state jerry sandusky sex scandal jumped dramatically. in a nearly $60 million settlement it was disclosed that 26 additional young men were strong enough to -- enough to be included in the agreement. a local scholar says the settlement was the wisest role for the schools. the money is covered by the school's insurance. mike schuh reporting live. >>> a local man is facing charges for selling drugs on the black market web site known as the silk road. jacob george the fourth is charged with selling heroin and other drugs on the site which the feds brought down earlier this month. police make arrests following the fatal shooting of a hotel worker in oxon hill. surveillance video
to ease cuts to domestic programs like education grants to local schools and infrastructure projects. but republicans say they are especially worried about cuts to the pentagon. spying on allies is a two way street. that's according to a u-s intelligent chief saying that spying on each other's leaders is a longtime practice in the intelligence world. the national intelligence director spoke to congressional lawmakers about the surveillance programs that have fueled protest in the u-s as well as abroad. n-s-a officials are also saying that a surveillance sweep on phone records overseas was carried out by hoss european governments and not the u-s. an 11 year old boy accused of bringing a gun to school twice to carry out a shooting spree will remain in jail. this is video of the boy acting out during the court session. the boy told investigators that he had planned on shooting people after school on the day he was caught with the gun for the second time. also it was determined that the boy suffered from mental issues including suicidal thoughts. his attorney asked that he be released on
standardized tests. the san jose "mercury news" reports the u.s. department of education may withhold more than $3.5 billion in federal aid. that's if the state decides to ditch star testing for a new computerized test and not publish the results. the department of education says not reporting results is against federal law. >>> the deadly accident on bart tracks earlier this month led to new rules today for transit workers. the california public utilities commission is requiring transit agencies to create a three-way communication procedure for work zones. it would keep workers on the flax constant touch with train operators and central controllers. bart eliminated an old policy that simply posted a lookout with work crews without alerting train operators. >>> police officers antioch shot and killed one of two dogs that went on a rampage biting four people last night. these bite marks show the aftermath of the chaotic attack. it all started when a man walking his dogs was attacked by the two loose dogs. three members of a family across the street ran over to try to help but they were also bitt
educational officials are renewing a threat to withhold funds from california if they go through with the plan to abandon a standardized test. the u.s. department of education officials say that if they do, they could lose more than $3 billion in federal aid. federal officials support the computerized test that california wants. they say that the state's plan to have students take either the math or language sections but not report the results would be out of compliance with federal law. >> the second leg of the controversy no california bullet trantrain could be getting railroaded. california officials are recommended a new route to send a trains in between the cities of hanford and visalia. hanford, a city of 55,000, is 3 mi. south of fresno and home to the some of the most vocal critics of the $68 billion project redlin it is a >> it is a story that you only see on kron 4. there are hundreds of thousands of stolen and wanted cars in california and finding them as tough. but now, there is a new system that is making a big difference. kron4 stanley roberts called the chp in action. in this ed
knew it takes the stance of this nothing new i needed it. i'm very active fish in education right now and then me. he thinks is artificial. we think so because it's not a surprise anyone to expect from spies spiciness by itself. and as i spy is obvious the spying and analyze the cousin of the nolan and i can shift it can become any meaning to me that the americans spying and john in signing the germans did not surprise the aqua live in mind that lets us into something you can spend wisely. maybe he thought they need to spy. so it gets the need to make surprise but sam into his high beams at me and nodded that extent. not a big surprise. nonetheless the difference between the times when home which meant was the chance of germany is that today there's the internet. and the internet. which is for the most part you can save manage. stewart it if you will out of the united states it's a big difference. it is but i think that there's this i think that two issues. theres the issue of espionage and in just two were simple signal intelligence which is tapping phones intercepting communications
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passion and it is also a self-education of mine on display and my own interest. and i think i will wrap it up. thanks. [ applause ] >> so for those of you who came in late, if you could hold your questions, we are not going to do a formal q, and a, but i will ask each of the panelists to stick around and if you want to chat with them one on one, they will be veil for a little while to do that. our next panelist is melissa. they earned her ba in 2005 and her ma in 2007. she worked in new york at christie's auction house and the time warner center, the museum experience includes the research positions in new york and the victor annual beter museum in london. she has been a member of the curtorial team of san francisco since 2008. and currently holds the position of assistant curator for european art. it has supported works from the 15th century, such as the mourners, cultures from the court of bergandy to the 19th century, including van gogh, and beyond master pieces. and she served as the assistant curator for the blockbuster, girl with the pearl earrings, including impressionists on the
experts will be out educating parents and children. as well as handing out reflective materials to wear tonight so drivers can see them better. adults and children are being told not to be glued to their smartphones while they're out and to use crosswalks. drivers should also slow down especially during peak trick or treating hours between 5-30 and 9-30 p-m. >> police have released more information about the shootng death of 13-year old santa rosa police say a witness who was in the area heard sheriff deptuy erick gelhaus order lopez twice to drop what he believed was an ak-47 rifle twice. and gelhaus himself said he knows he yelled at least once to lopez to drop the rifle. but gelhaus said he is unsure whether he identified himself as a sheriff's deputy. police also say lopez was wearing a hooded sweatshirt but his hood was down. lopez was also not wearing andy headphones or earbuds. also, police say a second deputy was with gelhaus in the car, but by the time the second deputy got out of the car, the subject was engaged and the threat was neutralized. >> the teenager charged with tryi
would probably go abroad were you can get free education, free medical benefits, and not worry about the racial issues. host: if it is free, who pays for it to? caller: not sure who pays for the listening to your program and listening to other countries , i would less stressed at least give them an opportunity. you mean denmark, right -- right?er: caller: denmark. host: monti has this point -- you can call in to join the conversation -- do you feel you have the opportunity to get ahead in america ayako from michigan, jessica is up next. good morning. -- in america? from michigan, jessica is up next. good morning. caller: it is hard to get ahead in america when asians are taking our jobs here and taking our jobs overseas. the media believes we need a bunch of schooling to get ahead. i think that is wrong. host: thank you for the call. looking at the comparison of the chart we showed you from 1952 -- james is next from grand forks, north to code up. you say you do not have the opportunity to get ahead in this country, why? i have to say no i have to say that is where i come from. , c-s
. if you are turning 65 the number is about $500,000. and, in fact what we are trying to do is educate people around the world and we created a website which you can get on determine, actually what you need per month once you are 65 or older. it will tell you how much you need today or you can put in how much you have today and it will tell you how long that will last month by month. and this is very important that we get this message out that people need to invest now because in this survey the one thing we found and this is where wisdom comes in is everyone of the retires said they wished they had saved more for the future. >> it is worth reminding because people are spending more time planning vacations and thinking about which smart phones and cars to buy than they are about their retirement. how often should you be thinking about your retirement and planning for that? >> this is very important that you get invested today. the earlier the better because the money will work for you. because so much is sitting in cash earning 0 that over a 20 year period
people are promoted every day. healthcare starting under $40 a month. i got education benefits. i work at walmart. i'm a pharmacist. sales associate. i manage produce. i work in logistics. there's more to walmart than you think. vo: opportunity. that's the real walmart. >>> and we're back with tonight's "outer circle" where we go to iran tonight. i asked why the coach decided to go to iran. >> reporter: erin, an american citizen making headlines for his decision to move here to iran and help iran's national soccer team qualify for the world cup. he was born in connecticut and been to the world cup with the portuguese team. he was coaching hartford when a colleague called him up and said how would you like to move to iran and help me coach this team? at the time iran was lock in a bitter feud with washington and many u.s. politicians called iran a rogue and dangerous nation secretly building a nuclear bomb. some still do. his friends and family said no to go. he ignored the warpgings and came here. initially he said he was a little wary. now that he knows iran a little bit, he said wha
and science at an early age. i load up my ipad and my phone with educational apps for my girls. we're a mac family. and they know that. app designers know that and mac notes that, android, and they all know it, and that's why they are designing these devices for kids specifically. because they end up stealing their parent's ipads and it's nice to have a device that is boothly colored, that parents can control, and that you can load up with mac games so your kid can get smarter. >> sounds like what they're saying is parents need to be responsible with what they put in their kids' expand we knew that to have these games on an ipad that make you think about math or help you learn to read and have some helper in there along the way, i don't know. seems like a good thing to me, kennedy. >> parents need to be responsible with everything. and the apa is saying kids shouldn't have smartphones and commuters in their berms. >> blah, blah, blah. >> that's common sense you don't need some body telling you about every decision. >> they said the same about the eight track player and the phone, and i elvi
with not having the equipment to make the students half computer skills and better education that they could it receives ".in our school". >> catherine: a parent- teacher group may now launch yet another fundraiser. san jose police are investigating. >> catherine: tonight - family members are talking about the teacher who was killed in nevada earlier this month - while trying to protect his students from a student with a gun. >> catherine: police say say 12-year-old jose reyes shot and killed two adults and injured two students -- before killing himself at a nevada middle school. one of the victims - michael landsberry >> catherine: his wife is now talking about how she'll remember him. kristen remington has the story. "he was my world. and i was his." sharon and michael landsberry shared a love not everyone gets to experience. admired even by their daughters. >> reporter:they were married five years. and every morning before michael would leave for work, he'd make sure to remind sharon how much he loved her -- even if she was still asleep. "the coffee would be ready, he'd get my coffee cup
are undocumented. >> education not deportation. >> reporter: when we porters asked about concerns, napolitano responded. >> we'll do all for first generations students, whether documented, undocumented that's ever been done and looking for ways to do that and i would say watch what i do, don't rely on rumors from the past. >> reporter: napolitano plans to visits other schools. >>> coming up next, here is one you don't want to miss, the death defying of linemen. how is this for a way to get to work? >>> back where they belong. where these massive excavators showed up. >>> i'm here with the accuweather forecast center and i'll let you know whether halloween weather will be a trick or treat. stay tuned. >>> and dance moves banned. the high school that [ male announcer ] the founder of mercedes-benz once wrote something on a sheet of paper ♪ the challenge always accepted. and the calling forever answered. ♪ introducing the all-new 2014 s-class. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >>> in nevada watch for overnight road work north and south pound between state park and check in with me weekday
is an ambassador that educates kids on wildlife. his handler -- he's not a pet. his handler, alex, sent me new proof. take a listen. just listen. this is real. >> eat the pumpkin? >> you do not hear what i'm hearing? >> it's still not -- >> i still want to be there for you, lara. i do. >> i'm totally on your side. i got angry tweets yesterday. saying this is an animal ambassador for sick kids. and i'm totally, totally -- i bow. i beg forgiveness. >> wow. >> you, lara spencer, were absolutely right. >> lara -- >> well done. >> i'm a little teary. >>> give us some weather while i collect. thanks. it was talking. >> barely. barely consider yourself safe. let's look at -- let's get to the boards. we're going to start with the southwest. and the temperatures over the next couple of days. go from the chillier side to the warmer side. there's a nice pocket as all that cold air and the rain squeezes east, all of this mild air is displaced to the west. that's going to make a big difference in your western temperatures over the next couple days. this is the storm that everyone will be talking about for
take - because of the poor working conditions. federal education officials are renewing a threat to withhold funds from california if they go through with the plan to abandon standardized tests. but u -s department of education officials say that if they do.they could lose more than three billion dollars in federal aid. federal officials support the computerized tests that california wants. but say the state's plan to have students take either the math or language sections but not report the results would be out of compliance with federal law. and now we go out to treasure island where wrote kron4's jackets and so has an update on the mysterious go-go bars. >>: we do know that it is a google project 3 that what we are hearing now is the least here on treasure island is starting to expire and of they are in talks with ford may send over and san francisco to move the barge over there. if we can come back out here live. what it is we don't know. there's some speculation that it is a data center. that may be a floating retail centers to promote the google glass. let me just show you
the idea of these codes to the school. and the fellow educators, they will keep creating new ways of using the scan to get the math videos. microsoft mystery, scanning the code will give you an extra clue to look into the microscope. >> reporter: what started as an exercise to the body will now stretch their minds. for the teachers and students. >> it will be going so well. you would want to follow in their footsteps. mike hydeck, wusa9. >> wow. he was impressive. i don't think that i could do one push-up. especially not like that. if you have a cool school, send mike an e-mail at or send a message on twitter. >> that's good. >>> your tray tables need to stay up, but now your electronics can stay on. >> it's all for trick or treating. we'll have the answer once we get a look at your world in 90 seconds. >>> an international chemicals weapons group said syria has destroyed their equipment. the announcement comes just one day ahead of the november first deadline. >>> new surveillance shows kendrick johnson in the high school gym just hours before his body was found there. >
of the things that you would need to make an educated decision on whether it's right or not. but the idea lone that they have 35,000 employees. >> and google -- you know, schmidt has to succk up to the left because it's google that i think of. the great thing about this is you don't have to be mad at the president for this because it's bush anyway. he started it. the president was unable to stop it. >> this has nothing to do -- this is -- >> i would be somewhat -- if i wanted to slam the current administration, i could, but i don't want to. i don't have a problem with this. and the people that do have a problem with it, they don't really like president obama because they're basically an extension of bush's -- >> at this point you have some on the intelligence committee saying look, some of the stuff they told us they were doing, it's not true. some of the things they were not doing, they didn't tell us about. there's a select group of people who need to know. >> there's no business implication. i'm curious what you think of this. google is a u.hs.-based company. at&t may struggle to be able to
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. >> keene sure that they get the best education that they can get in our school. they making sure >> catherine: a parent teacher group may now launched yet another fund- raiser. san hope police are investigating. >> catherine: testified on capitol hill, a top intelligence official says the fact the u.s. spies on foreign leaders is a given. assets other countries absolutely spied on us. jim skied off toll has more. jim sciutto has more >> reporter: and the wake of asian team at the navy yard in washington that killed 12 people, the homeland's security committee has sharp criticism for department of homeless security. it is a fundamental giving and it all intelligence sector. no matter what you are talking about that the the military leaders as well. >> reporter: anchoring america's closest friend for security gains. is it worth the risk to have that type of blow backed? >> reporter: millions of called from france and spain say that they are completely false. to be perfectly clear this is not information that we selected on your pants and since it represents an affirmation that we a
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and, you know, every bit of education and every opportunity and money to spare, being convicted and separated from their liberty in most instances, that has a deterrent effect on other folks. impossible to quantify but when you talk to people in the industry it's less than it used to be. thanks very much, guys. >> all right. that's the u.s. attorney, detailing the case against sac capital in a landmark settlement. almost 5 years in the making. let's get a comment from everybody. bethanie, want to go to you. there was a shot across the bow and he's done it before, mr. bharara has, he said sometimes greed is not good, sometimes blame worthy institutions should be accountable too and no unsti tution should rests easy in the belief it is too big to jail. a shot across the bow against some of the big banks out there perhaps. what do you think? >> really interesting comment. i noticed that too. and i couldn't tell if it was a warning sign to the big banks or if it is part of this sort of ongoing if you're a conspiracy theorist, attempt to deflect from the lack of prosecutions after th
make up for some of the decisions in our educational system. >> we have some many people that beat -- will be leaving the military in the next few years and becomes a critical time when we have the skills shortage a nationwide kent in certain fields. >> microsoft has put 1 million into this program. melissa: another is a lot of demand already. they planning on expanding the program? >> there is demand, especially among all those soon to be veterans. microsoft has said that they will expand this to a bases in texas and california starting in 2014. those graduates will not have a guaranteed job and they get out. huffily the skills that will help them transition. melissa: it makes all kinds of sense. up next, why the money you are spending on food may not be giving you exactly what you think it is. a debate is waging over the labeling of genetically modified food. you could end up feeling that heated the grocery store. we have all the villages details. at the end of the day it is all about your fruits and vegetables. ♪ we went out and asked people a simple question: how old is the o
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